World’s First Thesis on Risk Management in Entomology Business and Media Exposure

Yesterday I finally submitted my thesis “Supply Chain Risk Management in Entomology Farms: Research on Farms Focused in High Scale Production of Human food and Animal Feed”. I know there has been multiple studies released by the University of Wageningen of the Netherlands about the entomology farming, but according to my knowledge my work is the first ever on the risk management side of the business. If you know better, please let me know!

The thesis will be published after the approval process of my university in April or in May the latest. Once approved and published I will post it here with some extra comments. I believe the work is very interesting for all the operators in the field. Maybe my conclusions will not give them anything new that would alter their ways of operating, but at least it will give some ideas and aspects to think about.

Recently I have been taking part to few media events. First I visited Radio Helsinki with the Finland’s very own insect-chef Topi Kairenius (twitter @koiramies) to discuss insects as food and the sustainability. A few weeks later I gave few comments to Vice Magazine and their article on the ethics of insect farming. From now on I will collect all the media-links to the “about the maggot master blog” page, but here are the two first ones:

Radio Helsinki 23.2.2015. Discussion about insect as human food: Only in Finnish, my part starts at 27:20.

Vice Magazine 17.3.2015: Expert comments on the ethical rearing of crickets:

In the beginning of April I will announce my new job in the field of entomology and also something very cool will be published by a recognized media about the new job! Hopefully I get to publish the thesis in April as well so you will have a lot to read and be amazed!

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Ilkka Taponen: A Finn working in process development in startup companies. Positive and innovative man with a self-development mindset. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

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