Thesis: Supply Chain Risk Management in Entomology Farms

My thesis “Supply Chain Risk Management in Entomology Farms Case: High scale production of human food and animal feed” was published in May 2015. The link for the downloadable PDF- file is in the end of the text. The thesis is world’s first scientific study connecting business management and high-scale insect farming for human food and animal feed.  
pirkkoClick here for the downloadable file: ilkka-taponen-thesis

My presentation about the thesis can be found here

Audiobook version of the thesis is available for purchase in all major stores e.g here

Published by Ilkka Taponen

Ilkka Taponen: A Finn working in process development in startup companies. Positive and innovative man with a self-development mindset. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

12 thoughts on “Thesis: Supply Chain Risk Management in Entomology Farms

  1. Hi Ilkka,

    First of all, congratulations for finishing your thesis. That’s an accomplishment!

    The insights you share based on your interviews and research touch upon an enormous challenge, risk and opportunity the industry faces: both research and knowledge from all parties involved in the supply chain needs to be made available in order to advance the industry as a whole.

    4Ento is building an awareness platform to support partners, startups, scientists across the value chain. We hope that along with partners we will be able to support and promote industry awareness for the exact reasons you outline.

    Thanks for your thoughts and I look forward to reading your thesis.


    1. Hi Kelly,

      Thank you very much! It is nice to hear you share the same positive view about the research because like I wrote in the blog presenting my thesis, this view is not shared by all the stakeholders.

      After reading the thesis let me know what do think about it!

      Best regards, Ilkka Taponen


  2. I’m looking forward to read your thesis and completely agree with your comments about the non-transparency of the industrial key players. How can you stimulate entomophagy when you lock the market yourself? It doesn’t make sense. I guess money does..


  3. Greetings Ilkka,

    Thanks for your valuable contributions to the emergent field. Curious if you’ve had a chance to incorporate this risk assessment of more traditional techniques into your thinking and if you see it as a type of “writing on the wall” regarding certain “sacred cows” in food safety.

    Click to access FAIRR-Factory-Farming-Assessing-Investment-Risks-2016-Report.pdf

    On the small chance you had missed it, I recommend a peek at the companies behind it.

    Strange bedfellows indeed. One cannot help but to consider whether this rethinking of risk so radically as to warrant such a powerful coalition to take on their $500bn suppliers in this way is not indicative of a tipping point of sorts.

    Your thoughts would naturally be most welcome.



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