Updated Information For The Thesis

In my thesis available I wrote about Enterra Feed company and speculated on their options how to manage the risks they must be facing. For example the issues of how manage the uneven quality and quantity of waste, pathogen sources and the unwanted items like plastics were discussed. I was only speculating because my interview requests were declined at the time.

Now about six months later Enterra has been involved in few media stories that reveal the answers to my questions presented in the work.

Video posted by Shift- channel to Youtube takes a look inside the Enterra facility. The video was posted just six days after to publication of the thesis. In the video it is shown that Enterra is making kind of a wet soup out of the waste that they call the salsa and they process it in fermentation silos. This how they make the waste even in quality. The issue of unwanted items is confirmed, you are able to see in the video cartons and plastics inside the organic waste. It is not shown how these unwanted items taken out.

Here is the link to the video: https://youtu.be/04jIuQr2ql4?t=10m14s

Warning! The video might cause headache for lean-aware people!

More links to other videos and news stories can be found from the company’s homepage enterrafeed.com

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Ilkka Taponen: A Finn working in process development in startup companies. Positive and innovative man with a self-development mindset. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

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