How I created and published an audiobook

About one month ago my thesis Risk Management in the Supply Chains of Entomology farms was published as an audiobook in all major platforms like iTunes, and Audible. I am still waiting for the first numbers, but at least three people have told me they have bought it!

I got the idea from hearing multiple sources that “yeah the thesis sounds really interesting, but I do not have the time to read it”.. Well, no you have no excuse left!

Now when the project is happily over I though I should share some of the experienced to help you out as well to make your own audiobook from an existing, ready written document:

  1. Edit the book to fit the new format. In the case of a thesis academic references play a big role the document, but in the audiobook format they are simply useless: No one wants their listening pleasure to be interrupted all the time for a list of names and dates. In the beginning of the audiobook it is announced that the references have been removed, but are available accordingly in the written document. Second thing to modify is references to graphs and pictures in the written document, as obviously the listener cannot see them.
  2. Hire a professional narrator. I had access to professional recording gear, but even though I know English quite well, I am not a native speaker. I think I could have made a reasonable recording, but I think people would have lost the enjoyment of listening quite soon. One hour and 40 minutes is not a long audiobook, but it is really long time to listen if the narrator is not really good.  I used the Fiverr- service to find the narrator. I contacted three people who all seemed very friendly and professional. In the end I chose the person who answered me the first, and the result came out really nice. It really sounds like a real audiobook and the price was good as well.
  3. Use a publishing service. This advise is a not only an advise, but a must for all non-UK and non-USA based publishers. The main publishing platform is ACX that handles everything for iTunes, Amazon and Audible. They do not accept private uploads if the person does not have tax-ID in either in UK or USA. To go around this obstacle I contacted some publishing houses but found only one suitable one: Author’s Republic. They are a USA based company that offers similar service as Tunecore offers for bands and musicians: They will upload your copyright- materials to all agreed platforms and they will do all your paper work for you against a fee / portion of your royalty income. I can only say positive things about the arrangement I have with Author’s republic: Very fast and friendly service and my audio book was published in very short time.

You can purchase the audiobook behind the following links:…

The audiobook also available at iTunes, just search for “Ilkka Taponen”.

I am looking forward to hear your thoughts about the work!


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