F.C Honka: Urheilupuoli edellä — kaikki muu miten sattuu.

Seuraan kotimaista jalkapalloa ja suosikkijoukkuettani F.C Honkaa intohimolla. Kolmen Hongan kannattajan hieno podcast Honcast haastatteli Hongan General Manageria Hexi Artevaa toukokuussa. Lähetin Honcastin kautta kysymyksen Hexille jossa kysyin miten Esport Honka Oy saadaan voitolliseksi. Vastaus särähti korvaan jo ensimmäisellä kerralla. Nyt kuuntelin haastattelun uudestaan, ja pitää sanoa, että olen todella huolestunut Hongan tulevaisuudesta. Ongelma 1:Continue reading “F.C Honka: Urheilupuoli edellä — kaikki muu miten sattuu.”

Solar Foods Is Looking Through The Wide Lens and So Should You.

When working with new technologies, business risks are not always right in front of you. To see the big picture, you need to use the wide lens. As I wrote in my blog in June,  Solar Foods is one of the most exciting startups to follow. Solar Foods is developing a new kind of foodContinue reading “Solar Foods Is Looking Through The Wide Lens and So Should You.”

3 Reasons Why a Startup Should Never Undertake an ERP Project

You probably can’t afford to risk your blooming startup business by engaging in a huge ERP project – but luckily, there are alternatives. A startup is a company operating in a highly unknown environment and is aiming for high growth. This is precisely the kind of environment when you should not take on a longContinue reading “3 Reasons Why a Startup Should Never Undertake an ERP Project”

Your First Factory Is a School, Not a Production Facility

When a new technology is introduced to an industrial scale for the first time, the project is exposed to a wide range of risks. Along with the external unknowns, there are internal unknowns. If the market fit a for product utilizing this new technology is found, can the product be produced on consistent quality, highContinue reading “Your First Factory Is a School, Not a Production Facility”

The 3 Most Exciting Startups You Haven’t Heard of

Every day we are bombarded by ever greater promises of a startup revolutionizing this and disrupting that. You are not alone to wonder how on earth you can navigate through the hype and where the value really is. In the world world of Uber, SpaceX, and Libra, for example, we might forget about the startups thatContinue reading “The 3 Most Exciting Startups You Haven’t Heard of”

Automation Is the Last Thing a Startup Needs.

Scaling up production of a new company that involves untested parts is a challenging and risky task. Unlike in the digital world, when working with physical processes production requires more upfront investments. When a company has to commit to significant investments in the early stages with limited experience and knowledge, there is an increased riskContinue reading “Automation Is the Last Thing a Startup Needs.”

Do Not Outsource! But If You Do, Remember These 3 Things

Ok, maybe the title is a bit provocative – this applies first and foremost to startup companies. This text is part two of Introduction to Lean Production Scale-Up Model. You can find the first part here. What happens throughout the production scaling of a startup is a lot of learning in two equally essential sectors:Continue reading “Do Not Outsource! But If You Do, Remember These 3 Things”

Introducing Lean Production Scale-Up

Lean Production Scale-Up is a four-step model designed for companies operating in untested markets with untested technology. The purpose of the model is the reduce the high capital risk that is associated especially with companies using new technology and innovations. The model enables the company to make its technology investments as soon as possible time-wise,Continue reading “Introducing Lean Production Scale-Up”

Two Clean Meat Companies Lead the Way on Social Media

A while back we took a look with Underhood how insect companies are doing online on different social media platforms and the results were mostly appalling. The statistics show most companies are lazy to reach out to their audiences. You can find the article here. Underhood (underhood.co) is a Finnish startup that is measuring socialContinue reading “Two Clean Meat Companies Lead the Way on Social Media”

Taponen’s list is dead, long live the list!

I started building a database about insect food companies in 2015 to find myself an internship position in the field. Later on, I continued upkeeping the list for competitive intelligence and business opportunity reasons. In 2016, when I published the first version of the list for all to read and download, I never thought howContinue reading “Taponen’s list is dead, long live the list!”