Insect Companies Are Lazy On Social Media

Eating insects is a big thing, even a super trend according to many studies and articles. But there are many obstacles to overcome before we change our attitudes towards the crawling things we many of us consider disgusting or even scary. Social media is undoubtedly the best forum to spread understanding of the more ethicalContinue reading “Insect Companies Are Lazy On Social Media”

Los derechos de los animales también incluyen a los insectos. Estas cosas deben ser consideradas.

El cultivo de insectos a gran escala es una industria relativamente nueva, y se espera que crezca significativamente en los próximos años. Sin embargo, quizás un título más apropiado para este tema sería IAHA, Insectos para la Alimentación Humana y Animal. Actualmente, alrededor del mundo hay docenas de empresas cultivando insectos al nivel industrial, principalmenteContinue reading “Los derechos de los animales también incluyen a los insectos. Estas cosas deben ser consideradas.”

Clean Meat Supply Chain Faces a Unique Set of Risks. These Two Things Must Be Considered.

The Clean Meat industry is on the verge of commercialization as products are expected to hit the market in the coming few years. In fact,  Just-company is promising to bring it’s products out already during 2018. While the Clean Meat companies are preparing their products internally, external companies in the supply chain are facing increasedContinue reading “Clean Meat Supply Chain Faces a Unique Set of Risks. These Two Things Must Be Considered.”

The Two Compromises Limiting Alt-Protein Product Development

Future proteins, meat alternatives, sustainable proteins. The category of new products entering the market to replace the traditional and unsustainable meat in our diets has many names. Latest big article on the topic calling it the alt-protein sector was released in The Guardian on 30th of April 2018. You can read the article here. InContinue reading “The Two Compromises Limiting Alt-Protein Product Development”

Nämä kahdeksan hyönteislajia ovat pian tulossa ruokapöytääsi

  Parhaiksi ruokahyönteisiksi on tarjolla yli 2000 ruoaksi soveltuvaa lajia. Lajit, jotka tulevaisuudessa levittyvät länsimaalaisille markkinoille, määrittyvät muutaman kasvatusteknisen kysymyksen perusteella. Oli kyseessä sitten hyönteiset tai perinteisemmät ruoat, valintakriteereihin kuuluvat maku, suutuntuma, ulkonäkö ja hinta. Lisäksi huomioidaan mielikuvat ja kulttuurisidonnaiset kysymykset. Esimerkiksi Intiassa lehmää on lautasella harvoin, länsimaissa sama koskee hyönteisiä. Yksi hinnaltaan halvimpia hyönteisiäContinue reading “Nämä kahdeksan hyönteislajia ovat pian tulossa ruokapöytääsi”

Eläinten oikeudet koskevat myös hyönteisiä: Nämä asiat on otettava huomioon

Ihmiset ovat tekopyhiä eläinoikeuskysymyksen edessä. Kotieläimiä rakastetaan ja niiden hyvinvointiin laitetaan paljon aikaa ja rahaa koska ne ovat söpöjä ja ne pystyvät osoittamaan kiintymystä. Villit rotat ja käärmeet eivät saa meiltä samanlaista kohtelua, saati sitten torakat, hämähäkit tai jauhomadot. Tämä lähtökohta tulee ymmärtää kun pohdimme laajamittaista hyönteisten kasvatusta. Tulevaisuuden hyönteisfarmit eivät välttämättä tarjoa enää eettistäContinue reading “Eläinten oikeudet koskevat myös hyönteisiä: Nämä asiat on otettava huomioon”

How We Changed the Legal Environment of Our Startups

The 20th of September 2017 big news came out: Evira, the Finnish FDA, changed its interpretation of certain EU-level regulations to allow the sale of insect products for human food and for animal feed in Finland. Before the change, all insect products sold for human consumption were banned and there were serious restrictions on insect feedContinue reading “How We Changed the Legal Environment of Our Startups”

Imitators, Replacements and Clean Meat

There is no questioning that people are eating too much meat and high meat consumption leads to enormous problems globally. While there is growing interest in sustainable alternatives, it seems that the substitute products widely available in the market today are not attractive enough to quickly bring down meat consumption. Multiple new food industry branchesContinue reading “Imitators, Replacements and Clean Meat”

Nothing is more important than AI

Most of us are familiar with the concept that it is better to fix the cause than the effect. This idea is at the core of the Lean Manufacturing concept, created by Taiichi Ohno and Toyota.  Lean Manufacturing was later developed into the Lean startup- movement inspired by Eric Ries that aims to maximize the speedContinue reading “Nothing is more important than AI”

Industry Insights, Interview with Ilkka Taponen

The interview below was done by International Insect Centre and published in their newsletter in May 2017. After completing an internship at Ynsect involving his thesis paper titled Supply Chain Risk Management in Entomology Farms Case: High scale production of human food and animal feed, Ilkka developed a keen interest in the insect industry, settingContinue reading “Industry Insights, Interview with Ilkka Taponen”