Taponen’s List

The list has been moved to Golden. You can find the new and better version here.
Last version of the Taponen’s List was updated on 14th of July 2018. The version 76 contains 417 companies of which 267 are active. The first version was released on 10th of January 2016. Downloadable Excel-file available here: taponens-list-76

Last update on 14.7.2018:
  • Acheta, Bugbon, Camola Foods, Dipterra, Entohack, Hyönteiskokki, Koppert, Mealflour, Myldegard, Oh My Bug updated.
  • Bugeater dublicate removed.
  • Bybi, Damhert, Ento.nu, Thinksect not active.
  • Siikosen Sirkat, Columns K-S added
Database analysis written in 2016 can be found here