Taponen’s list is dead, long live the list!

I started building a database about insect food companies in 2015 to find myself an internship position in the field. Later on, I continued upkeeping the list for competitive intelligence and business opportunity reasons.

In 2016, when I published the first version of the list for all to read and download, I never thought how the file would develop in 2,5 years. Today looking at the version 76 of Taponen’s list it is fair to say it is clearly the most comprehensive listing of Insect for Food and Feed- companies. Companies are not only listed but categorized e.g by home country and insect species they are focusing on. The list has been downloaded over 1600 times.

Even though the excel-format has served me and you readers well so far, it has its limitations and this is why the time has come to try something new. I am passing the torch of hosting the list to Golden and the responsibility of updating the list to all of you.

Golden is essentially putting together human knowledge in one easy place to edit and access. I teamed up with the Golden team to kickstart the database by uploading the list version 76 to the Entomophagy page. Also, my entomology patent database can now be found from Golden, that listing is part of Entomology-page. If you want to help edit the page and improve the data please go to this page here.

Taponen’s list is dead, long live the list!

The version 76 published on 14th of July 2018 is still available for download here.